2012 Boxing Round Of The Year Nominees

Welcome to The Queensberry Rules' annual year-end awards, continuing throughout the week. Here's how we do it around these parts:

The major categories are Knockout of the Year, Round of the Year, Fight of the Year and Fighter of the Year. The final leg is a pu-pu platter of awards ranging from Trainer of the Year to more frivolous topics.

For each category, I give five finalists, with video and/or relevant info. You tell me if my finalists and honorable mentions are lacking, and give your vote on who you think should win. Maybe you sway me to adjust the list, and maybe you sway me on the eventual winner. On the second day after a category is introduced, I give that winner and explain why. (There are virtually no major fights left in 2012, but we reserve the right to change our category winners if something crazy happens.)

Previously: Knockout of the Year candidates. On deck: Knockout of the Year; Round of the Year; Fight of the Year candidates.


Orlando Salido – Juan Manuel Lopez II Round 9

In the first of two candidates featuring a fighter's last stand before suffering a knockout shortly thereafter, JuanMa opted for testing his power and chin against Salido's, who was more than happy to indulge him.

Sergio Martinez – Julio Cesar Chavez, Jr. Round 12


For 11-plus rounds, Martinez had been erecting a masterpiece. But in one of the most electric moments of 2012, Chavez nearly brought it all toppling down.

Brandon Rios – Mike Alvarado Round 5


Rios-Alvarado's 5th round ought to be familiar enough to anyone who's ever played a boxing video game. This was a boxing video game come to life.

Brian Viloria – Hernan Marquez Round 5


Was Viloria ever hurt? "Tyson" sure thought so, and turned into his namesake with a show of relentlessness for which Viloria rewarded him with a knockdown.

Juan Manuel Marquez – Manny Pacquiao IV Round 5


This one takes some context: Marquez had already dropped Pacquiao earlier, so this knockdown was a second shock. The final minute requires little explanation, though.

Lee Haskins – Stephane Jamoye Round 6


The second of two last stands among the nominees, Haskins and Jamoye turned in this back-and-forth beauty just before the end of 2012.



Marco Huck – Ola Afolabi II Round 12


Danny Garcia – Amir Khan Round 4


Robert Guerrero – Andre Berto Round 7

Andre Berto vs Robert Guerrero 2012-11-24 by tiguidou421

Wilfredo Vazquez, Jr. – Jonathan Oquendo Round 5


Raymundo Beltran – Hank Lundy Round 3


Rocky Martinez – Miguel Beltran, Jr. Round 4

2012-09-15 Roman Martinez vs Miguel Beltran Jr by sweetboxing3

Kell Brook – Carson Jones Round 10

2012-07-07 Kell Brook vs Carson Jones by sweetboxing

Chris Arreola – Eric Molina Round 1


Mike Alvarado – Mauricio Herrera Round 2


Marcos Maidana – Jesus Soto Karass Round 4 (no clip available)

(Alex McClintock contributed to this post.)

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