Iron Harvest: Edison Miranda Quits In Round 9 Against Tony Bellew

Tony Bellew fought as though cloaked in a bomb disposal suit at London’s Alexandra Palace Saturday, and after taking an ultra-pensive look at Colombian visitor Edison Miranda for the best part of eight rounds, he rendered the former IED safe with a controlled explosion of body shots at 2:54 of round 9.

Miranda (174 ¾) had arrived in England confident of springing an upset on Bellew and he fired off a decent salvo of hooks in round 2 which backed up the disorganised looking Liverpudlian against the ropes. Mainly, though, Bellew (174 ½) moved on the veteran and when either of the big hitters landed a punch, it instinctively caused the recipient to mug, shrug, dance or go walkabout. Often, it resembled boxing video game Fight Night the first time both players manage to locate the “taunt” button.

Bellew boxed carefully through the middle rounds with neither man working hard enough to establish firm control. Miranda looked ready to be taken in round 7 but Bellew opted to stroll away again and let the moment pass. After a rollicking in his corner at end of the next session, Bellew set about Miranda who was clearly tired at this point. A left hook to the ribs followed by a straight right through his guard hung Edison’s head out over the top rope and caused him to list. A follow-up barrage punctuated with a hook downstairs, though hardly devastating, forced the visitor to take a knee and effectively “cry uncle.” Initially, it appeared as though the Colombian was remonstrating with referee Ian John-Lewis in an effort to continue; however, as Edison lolled back to his own corner shaking his head, it quickly became apparent what he had done.

Bellew, 18-1 (12), a converted reckless banger and an emotional sort, appeared fairly pleased with his evening’s work and should return as main support to Carl Froch in November. Miranda, 35-8 (30), once a firecracker in the ring, suddenly looks a spent bullet.

Promoter: Eddie Hearn (Matchroom Sports)

TV: Sky Sports

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