Open Thread, Out With The Old And In WIth The New Edition

We haven’t Open Threaded in a while, so let’s dip our toe in it.

I want to start by saying, on this New Year’s Day, how grateful I am to all the readers, commenters, contributors and staffers who made TQBR what it was in 2011. This year we got declared “the best boxing blog” by Gawker, got linked to by RingTV and The Sweet Science and BoxingScene and papers all over the world, and generally just did really well, at least I think.

This staff concept we implemented at the beginning of the year has worked out terrifically, and that’s not even me bragging on myself — I really do read with pride regularly the work of the people who contributed to us in 2011. The “thank you” honor roll includes contributors Corey Erdman, Paul Kelly, Mike Coppinger, Noel Tanap, Eric Raskin, Josh Snyder, Lakota Crofut, Evan Holober, James Foley and Mark Ortega. Special thanks to current staffers Alex McClintock, Andrew Harrison, Gautham Nagesh, Jeff Pryor, Karl Greenberg, Patrick Connor and Scott Kraus.

Now, with all that sentiment and treacle out of the way, let’s discuss some sheeeeeeit.

What are your favorite memories from 2011? We’ve obviously revisited the hell out of it these past two weeks, most recently here, but we couldn’t possibly cover everything, and “favorite” is relative. How about least favorite? How about anything else you wanna say about boxing’s 2011?

Then: What are you looking for out of 2012? What hopes, dreams, fears, ambitions, etc. do you have for the new year?

Your (very profane) musical selection is below, and then below that is where you say words and stuff.

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