Rolling With The Punches With Freddie Roach

Freddie Roach is here on Businessweek of all places, giving a very brief tutorial on how to take a punch. The video is part of a series tied to Bloomberg Businessweek’s second annual “How To” issue. Roach’s advice is part of a 44-page section that puts him in good (or bad depending on your social and political proclivities) company with more than 60 CEOs, tech visionaries, politicians, media and sports personalities, designers, and artists, per BW’s blurb.

The pub says the “How To” issue is meant to span the gamut of problems — from global to personal, or “within the walls of your own office,” per the PR thing. Speaking of offices, I have been at Bloomberg’s redoubt in NYC and can tell you those are walls I’d very much like to be within. I have been to Google’s offices and pretty much thought that joint set the bar for free shit and weight gain opportunities. But Bloomberg is better. They also have lots of free food stations, but their building is a lot more glass-walled Bauhaus, with a real honest-to-God inner-courtyard, a cobblestone doughnut hole where people can meditate, gazing up at the sky, thanking God for their very good luck.

Back to Roach. I love Freddie Roach, as does everyone but Floyd Mayweather, Sr., but for those who don’t know about boxing, or who haven’t seen him speak, his Parkinson’s symptoms belie his advice on how to mitigate the damage from an incoming shot by rolling with the punch, blocking that left hook, and sucking up a body shot.

But it’s valuable information and you know what? I rank being able to take a punch right up there with solving global warming (and I’m saying that as it’s frigging 85 degrees in NYC in April after the warmest March on record).

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