Running Abner Mares vs. Anselmo Moreno Undercard Results

LOS ANGELES — Bantamweight Isaac Torres of Texas battled to a 4 round draw with David Reyes of nearby Montebello. Reyes moved a fair amount, but stopped a few times a round to flurry with heavy shots, usually to the body of Torres. Torres, in stalking mode and slightly underproductive, landed more telling blows between the combinations by Reyes, but his inactivity evened things out. Reyes goes to 2-2-1 (0 KO), while Torres moves to 2-0-1 (2 KO).

Welterweights Alonzo Loeza and Zachary “Kid Yarmulke” Wohlman fought out a spirited 4 round tussle. Wohlman walked directly into a number of right hands by Loeza, but worked the body well and seemed to hold an edge on the inside. Loeza was wide open for left hooks, which he absorbed decently, and he actually found success backing Wohlman to the ropes in rounds 2 and 3. Wohlman hit the deck at the end of the 3rd round and rose on shaky legs and looking very exhausted. Loeza upped the ante in the 4th and forced a referee stoppage at :17 of round 4. With the loss, Wohlman falls to 4-1-1 (1 KO), and Loeza moves up to 3-7-1 (2 KO).

Ohio’s Chris Pearson improved his record to 6-0 (5 KO) with an early blitzkrieg of Jeremy Marts. After Pearson sent Marts into the ropes with a hook early in the 1st, Marts bounced off to attempt to trade hooks and was sent to the canvas hard. The bout was called off moments later. Marts is now 8-13 (6 KO).

In the first bout on the Showtime EXTREME televised card, Nathan Cleverly retained the WBO light heavyweight belt by 8th round TKO over Shawn Hawk. The 1st round began with Cleverly jabbing aggressively, displaying a clear class advantage. The recurring theme by the 2nd round was Hawk moving back to the ropes and taking shots. The only change from round 3 to 5 or so was to Cleverly’s confidence, and his hands dropped lower and lower each time he landed a solid shot. Two big counters in the 6th appeared to stun Hawk briefly, but he came right back to make a stand but it ended with him going back to the ropes once more. Hawk landed a series of nice left hooks off the ropes in the 7th, but took more than he was giving and was hurt and dropped by a big flurry of activity from Cleverly. Up late in the count, Cleverly again swarmed for another knockdown at about the 10 second mark. Hawk again beat the count, but looked worn. Hawk looked to be partially recovered in round 8, but was again decked, and this time without a prolonged barrage. With Hawk up and tired, Cleverly stepped up the activity and forced a referee stoppage at 1:53, just as Hawk’s corner tossed in the white towel. Cleverly keeps his WBO strap and goes to 25-0 (12 KO), and Hawk’s record changes to 23-3-1 (16 KO).

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