The Week’s Boxing Schedule, Featuring Pornsawan Porpramook And Kazuto Ioka

Every day is Boxing Day at TQBR, even the day after. Apparently the origins of the holiday don’t have anything to do with people punching each other in the head, but we can pretend. On a somewhat related note – have you seen our enormous selection of year end awards, the TQBRies? That’s not actually their name, but I’m trying to start something.

You know who knows how to celebrate the holidays? Japanese people. Not only do they build giant Christmas Tree/Godzilla hybrids that breathe steam, they also put on lower weight boxing shows at the best-named boxing arena in the world, Osaka’s Bodymaker Coliseum.

  • Ryo Miyazaki vs. Pornsawan Porpramok, Monday, Osaka Japan. Ranked seventh at junior flyweight by the Transnational Boxing Rankings Board (TBRB), Ryo Miyazaki (17-0-3, 10 KO) isn’t your typical Japanese fighter. He’s got the speed and enthusiasm that characterise many of his compatriots, but he’s also got an atypical, Floyd Mayweather style shoulder roll. His opponent, Thailand’s Porpramok (27-4-1, 17 KO) better typifies his country’s stereotypical boxer, a head first, hands blazing brawler. He was one half of what many considered last year’s Fight of the Year, against Akira Yaegeshi. Porn got stopped in the 10th round of that wild brawl and hasn’t fought anyone of note since, so it’s hard to know where he’ll be at for this fight. Miyazaki hasn’t fought particularly tough competition, though. Fingers crossed for a crazy bloodbath that stuffs up everyone’s already-dished out Fight of the Year awards. On the undercard, top ranked strawweight Kazuto Ioka (10-0, 6 KO) faces Mexico’s Jose Alfredo Rodriguez (28-1, 17 KO), whose flashy record is unlikely to reflect his true ability.