Daniel Geale Ready For Anthony Mundine, The Future

(Daniel Geale shadowboxing; photo credit: Laura McClintock)

SYDNEY, Australia — If Anthony Mundine is counting on Daniel Geale taking him lightly in their middleweight rematch, he’s got another thing coming. Fifteen days out from their Jan. 20 fight, Geale looks to be in frightening form.

TQBR went to scope a “light” workout at Geale’s Grange Old School gym, where we found the affable Tasmanian and his coach, Graham Shaw, going through a sharp pad and bag routine. With Gennady Golovkin fighting this weekend, Geale had a few words to say about the middleweight division, sanctioning body madness and Mundine.

TQBR: Do you still think about what Mundine said about you and your wife at the first press conference?

Geale: I got over it. He’s an idiot for saying things like that, but you come to expect it after a while. I’m not going to carry it and dwell over those things. I’ve said in the past as well, there will be a time when we get to settle that. When the bell goes for the first time, that’s when it all starts. When the fight’s over it’ll be there in the back of my mind: “See, I told you.”

TQBR: Will you be watching the Gennady Golovkin vs. Gabriel Rosado fight this weekend?

Geale: I will definitely being having a look this weekend. Golovkin’s pretty hard to go past, he’s pretty strong in the division, but he hasn’t been tested at this stage. He’s a banger and he’s got skills, but a lot of top fighters will find a way to get you to the later rounds. And he hasn’t been there. That’s what I’d be doing if I got the opportunity to fight him, taking him to the depths of the fight.

TQBR: How does it feel to see Golovkin fight for a title that was just taken from you?

Geale: There are a lot of funny things that have happened with the WBA and what Golovkin has been doing in the past. I don’t know if people are really worried about fighting him. I was pretty disappointed to see that he might be fighting for my title. I don’t see him getting beat in this fight, though.

TQBR: So is Golovkin next after Mundine?

Geale: I’m not 100 percent sure if Golovkin will be the first after this. But Golovkin is on the cards for sure. (Sergio) Martinez is the man I’ve been chasing for a little while, my management is very keen for me to fight in the U.S.

TQBR: Would you consider moving up to super middleweight, where there are some other big names?

Geale: At the moment, I look at it like this: once I get to the top at middleweight, then I’ll look at other divisions.