Curtis Stevens, Antonio Orozco Score Early Knockouts (Different Networks, Variants)

If you tried watching everything that aired Friday night in the boxing world live, you either failed or you have three televisions. But on NBC Sports Net and Fox Sports 1, at least, the main events delivered early knockouts that made it so if you had your set tuned to the wrong channel, you missed it all — not that the two KOs could've been any more different beyond that one adjective, "early."

On NBC Sports Net, middleweight Curtis Stevens rebounded easily and quickly from his loss to Gennady Golovkin. Patrick Majewski went down on the first punch Stevens threw, a jab, and never recovered. Two more flurries put Majewski down two more times, and the third one prompted the ref to wave off the fight. It was a call that made sense. Stevens' power is real; that GGG stood up to it speaks well of his attributes beyond his own dynamite. But Majewski had no notable wins and withstanding 12 rounds of Patrick Nielsen wasn't worth what the NBC Sports team made of it. This was a "get well" win, a reminder that Stevens can punch and nothing more.

On FS1, junior welterweight prospect Antonio Orozco needed one additional round to dispense with Miguel Angel Huerta, and had to recover from a nasty left hook Huerta gave him in the 1st to weaken his knees. In the 2nd, Orozco returned the favor with his own left hook that spun Huerta around 180 degrees and dropped him on his left shoulder. Huerta survived longer after that than he had any right to, but when he wouldn't fire back along the ropes, the ref had little option but to stop the fight. That Orozco, a prospect with some hype behind him, got hurt by a fighter who was in only his second fight since 2008, is worrisome; but that he was able to rebound so quickly and decisively is a good sign

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