Drunk History: Joe Louis Vs. Max Schmeling

That this slipped by us is tragic. Thanks for getting us back on point, Reddit. “Drunk History” on Comedy Central is terrific, and it took on a great moment in boxing history last week. The above video is incomplete, but if you have any kind of “On Demand” through your cable or satellite provider, the whole episode is available. The rest is damn funny, too.

Pretty sure this is a direct Joe Louis quote:

“Aww fuck, I shouldn’t have been fuckin’ and golfin’.”

Weird Al Yankovic plays Hitler. Tim Heidecker plays Max Schmeling. Terry Crews plays Louis. Morgan Murphy, a stand-up comic, writer and boxing fan, narrates drunkenly and commits assault.

Show airs on Tuesdays, btw.

We’ll resume our non-drunken history on Throwback Thursdays with Patrick Connor. (Or maybe I shouldn’t speak for him?)

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