Little Red Hook: Quotations From Ruslan Provodnikov

Ruslan on how to win

@jmmarquez_1 made a mistake trying to box a boxer like @Timbradleyjr , you have to break him morally and physically to win!

— Ruslan Provodnikov (@RuslanProvod) October 13, 2013

Ruslan on what that means

“When a fighter knows his opponent is ready to do anything to win the fight…  When no matter what he does, what he tries, the fighter is always on him, always in front of him, and doesn’t stop, he just gets discouraged. That’s what it means.”

Ruslan on Ruslan

“Today Ruslan became the people’s champion.”

Who is Ruslan?

“I’m probably never going to fight differently. And people love me probably because of that, and of who I am. I am who I am in the ring and I just put everything in the ring. It’s who I am.”

Ruslan on his appeal

“I had a very hard upbringing. Hard work. The reason, you know, for the fans I think that’s a good question for the fans. I don’t know why. I’m doing a lot of… that’s a good question for the fans to ask why they like me.”

Ruslan on his nickname

“The nickname Siberian Rocky to me means that a lot. It means to never give up.”

Ruslan on keeping your word

“I don’t say anything I don’t do.”

Ruslan on diet

“I eat a lot of frozen, raw moose liver. It’s very healthy.”

Ruslan on his style

“I can also box, I am not only a brawler and we can compete in any style that he chooses.”

Ruslan on family


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