Mike Alvarado Arrested Again, Fight With Brandon Rios Still On

In news that should surprise no one, arrest-prone welterweight Mike Alvarado has been arrested. The Denver native was booked on gun possession charges during a traffic stop, according to friend of the site David Greisman. It’s not great timing, as Alvarado is due to close out his trilogy with Brandon Rios in just three weeks.

According to trainer Henry Delgado, the fight is still on, though.”There’s no problem with the fight. As long as he’s out,” Delgado told the Denver Post. “And he’s been bailed out. The fight’s only in a few weeks, I don’t see it being a problem.”

I’m not a lawyer (and neither is Delgado by the sounds), but it seems like we should take that on face value for now.

Of course, this is just the latest brush with the law for Alvarado, who can’t seem to stop being arrested. There was the thing where he may have dumped a car in a lake, various other traffic offences, as well as more serious charges like domestic violence. This time he was arrested while driving an unregistered vehicle with a warrant out for his arrest (for a missed court date) and was seen stashing an object (likely the gun) in the glove box. It’s almost like he wants to be arrested.

“He’s just with the wrong people in the wrong places sometimes,” said Delgado, a master of understatement. I agree. Alvarado is often with the wrong people (Mike Alvarado) in the wrong places (with Mike Alvarado).

Does this speak to Alvarado’s preparedness for the Rios rubber match? I suppose there’s nothing stopping someone from driving around in unregistered cars with a guns while also training really hard for a professional boxing match. That said, it’s probably not a good sign, and Alvarado needs to focus if he’s going to beat Rios.