TQBR Radio 9/2: Adrien Broner Vs. Emmanuel Taylor Preview

Never mind the title. That’s just for attention. This coming weekend is all about the flyweights. The man pictured above, Sid Smith (via), is perhaps the granddaddy of the division, which is the lightest of what are generally considered the original eight weight classes. (Also, most boxing fans have the same unimpressed look on their faces when asked about the Showtime card this weekend.)

While Adrien Broner and Lucas Matthysse fight their mismatch bouts, against Emmanuel Taylor and Roberto Ortiz respectively, the bite-sized battlers bring serious heat with Juan Francisco Estrada vs. Giovani Segura and Akira Yaegashi vs. Roman Gonzalez clashes. The flyweight action alone is enough to make you forget about whatever travesty it is that’s happening on American television, but add in Kiko Martinez vs. Carl Frampton II, and it’s like a pugilistic Bay of Pigs.

This week on Queensberry Rules Radio, James Foley of Bad Left Hook and TQBR’s Patrick Connor attempt to tackle all of it, good and bad, with more shameful, semi-serious commentary.

Click this link to tune in live at 12:30 p.m. Pacific/3:30 p.m. Eastern, or download the episode later via iTunes or Stitcher Radio.

About Patrick Connor

Patrick Connor is a long time boxing fan and historian. He is additionally a voice actor and co-host of TQBR Radio, Queensberry-Rules' boxing podcast. Follow him on Twitter, Instagram and Vine: @VoiceOfBeard