Blac Chyna, J’Leon Love Relationship Ends With A Whimper, Not A Bang, For TMZ

It’s over. The boxing will-they-bang-or-won’t-they-bang-romance that has captivated the world – or at least TMZ – has arrived at its conclusion. Fringe contender J’Leon Love and fringe celebrity Blac Chyna are no more. Fittingly, TMZ broke the blockbuster news Friday.

TMZ’s entry into boxing coverage has brought the usual grab bag of what TMZ brings: some legit scoops, some stuff that’s wrong and some nonsense. Yet no storyline has compelled the gossip news outlet into coverage overdrive like Love-Chyna.

The questions about this melodrama were endless, but one ruled all: “When will they bang?” We got gavel-to-gavel coverage of this central dilemma. If there’s such a thing as a Reverse Pulitzer, TMZ deserves it for this.

A sampling of the headlines:

(undated): Blac Chyna’s Got A New Non-Banging Beau!

May 27: Black Chyna – Dating Boxing Superstar*… But No Bangin’ for 4 Weeks

June 10: Blac Chyna Disses Tyga… Promises New Boxer BF Crazy Sex

June 22: Black Chyna – My Boxer BF Won… So Let’s Bang (Finally!)

June 30: Blac Chyna – I’m Still Not Banging Boxer BF… ‘He’s A Muslim’

Sept. 4: Black Chyna – Breaks Up With Money Team Boxer… We Never Got to Bang


I don’t want to count out TMZ for more stories on this subject. They followed this story this far; why give up now?

Blac Chyna – J’Leon Love Was The Bang That Got Away!

Blac Chyna Details How She Would’ve Banged Boxer

Blac Chyna – I Miss Money Team Boxer… “Let’s Try This Banging Thing Again?”

Blac Chyna – Dating New Man Who Looks Suspiciously Like Unbanged Beau

Blac Chyna – Sings “She Bangs”… Sign She Might Yet Bang Boxer Ex-BF?

Blac Chyna, Age 70, Bangs Casket Lid Shut In Way J’Leon Love Never Banged Her

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