Danny Garcia Edges Late-Charging Lamont Peterson on NBC

BROOKLYN — Danny Garcia (30-0, 17 KO) from the fighting town of Philadelphia met Lamont Peterson (33-3-1, 17 KO) at a catchweight of 143 lbs. in the main event of “Premier Boxing Champions” on NBC on Saturday night at the Barclays Center.

The sometimes spirited, sometimes boring fight, ended with a majority decision for Garcia, who staved off a late charge by Peterson to remain unbeaten.

Garcia opened the fight applying heavy pressure, aggressively stalking Peterson but catching only air with his fastball hooks. The slick Peterson, of Washington D.C., backpedaled faster than a politician.

For his part, Peterson controlled the distance but had little success nor intent to land anything of note. The first few stanzas ticked by with the bout looking more like a dance routine than a fight.

By round 4 Garcia had had enough and stepped back, raising his arms in the air asking Peterson if he was here to fight or not. The crowd roared its approval but Peterson continued to dodge the question.

Leather started to land in spots over the next few rounds and after such a drought the paltry connect rate seemed like a deluge. Garcia dug several hard left hands to the body that seemed to bother Peterson and threw his heretofore tight guard a little off, setting the stage for more exchanges.

As they reached the middle part of the bout Peterson seemed more willing to fight, perhaps feeling the need to ward off some of Garcia’s damaging body work. In round 8 Peterson was charging forward and getting the better of the exchanges, bullying Garcia to the ropes and looking re-energized.

But he seemed unable to sustain that posture and quickly went back to backing up. Peterson, apparently void of answers or resolve, resorted to theatrics and showboating rather than mounting any attack of substance. Dancing and fancy footwork seemed to score him no points with the crowd and cost him precious points with the judges.

In the 11th Peterson poured it on while Garcia seemed to show signs of wilting. In the final three minutes they stood and traded punches. The crowd stood and roared its approval. Both men remained on their feet and it went to the cards.

One judge turned in an even card of 114-114, but was overruled by the other two who both saw it 115-113 a majority decision for Garcia.

(Image: Garcia, left, unloads on Peterson. Credit: PBC)