Gennady Golovkin Vs David Lemieux Results: Tureano Johnson, Luis Ortiz Win

Tureano Johnson beat on Eamonn O’Kane so much Saturday night he set a middleweight record for beating on someone according to CompuBox, scoring a unanimous decision and landing 405 shots. Johnson connected on a whopping 58 percent of his power punches, and yet O’Kane made it to the final bell despite taking two knockdowns in the opening round. Johnson eventually started boxing more as he slowed, and O’Kane admirably kept fighting his ass off, minus the “dodge” part of fighting. He might have deserved to win a couple rounds, even though his corner should’ve stopped the slaughter. Johnson figures as an opponent for the winner of Gennady Golovkin vs David Lemieux in the HBO Pay-Per-View main event, but that won’t go well for him if he stands and trades as much as he did here.

Heavyweight Luis Ortiz stopped Matias Ariel Vidondo in three rounds, leaving him face down on the mat with a big left hand. One round earlier, he nearly scored one of the most unique knockouts you’d ever see, smacking Vidondo such that he backed up against the ropes, rebounded, then got dropped. Somehow, he survived this and got knocked out cleaner for his gumption. Ortiz looked good but this was, like the first fight, a total mismatch. And a little skepticism is warranted of Ortiz given his No Decision as the result of a failed drug test.

(Johnson, right, hits O’Kane; via)

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