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TQBR Radio 2/17: Gennady Golovkin Vs. Martin Murray Preview With Jimmy Tobin

There’s no better way to make your winter more Mexican than adding a little Gennady Golovkin to it. Well, there might be a few better ways, but they aren’t as likely to hatchet some brains cells before a charmingly eccentric post-fight interview, anyway. If you like fight, then Golovkinville is where you’re buying your 22-acre retirement ranch, is what we’re saying.

This week on Queensberry Rules Radio, James Foley of Bad Left Hook and TQBR’s Patrick Connor welcome Compubox operator and fight historian Aris Pina to the show. HBO will continue its efforts to push Golovkin toward stardom, ESPN2’s Boxcino tournament will feature heavyweights this week, these men will talk about it all, and the world will continue to spin.

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Patrick Connor is a long time boxing fan and historian. He is additionally a voice actor and co-host of TQBR Radio, Queensberry-Rules' boxing podcast. Follow him on Twitter, Instagram and Vine: @VoiceOfBeard