Knockout Of The Year Candidate Alert: Claudio Marrero Vs Rico Ramos

It was a fairly dismal PBC card on NBCSN Saturday, but you might still want to check out this sweet TKO ASAP.

After winning his first 20, Rico Ramos has now lost five of his last nine, none more savagely than against Claudio Marrero. Granted, the left hand in his gut from Guillermo Rigondeaux back in 2012 was pretty savage, but it didn’t leave him in such a sorry state as the overhand left this weekend.

In the main event of the PBC card, cruiserweight B.J. Flores lost to upward-moving light heavyweight Beibut Shumenov, in what was a terrible fight to watch because Shumenov ran the whole damn time. Good strategy, bad on the eyeballs. There was some other filler besides. At least we got the Knockout of the Year candidate for 2015 above for our troubles.

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