Manny And Floyd Episode Three: Filthy Lucre

When Floyd Mayweather and Manny Pacquiao fight on May 2, they stand to make around $100 million each. Not bad for 45 minutes work. Overall, the fight will be worth more than the some small countries. How are those crazy numbers possible? In episode three of Manny and Floyd, the podcast, we speak to Eric Raskin (of Grantland, ESPN, HBO and Ring Theory fame) and promoter Nicole Duva to find out.

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“Floyd Mayweather with his supposed guarantee of $120 million is making more than an NFL team’s salary cap maximum for the entire team for a season,” Raskin told me. “So when you see those numbers it is mind boggling.”

For what it’s worth, he also said he’d stop with his multi-podcast boxing empire if he had $120 million of his own.

I asked Duva what she’d do with a cool $120 million; she used the opportunity to sledge Al Haymon (much to my shock). She was pretty great when it came to explaining what your average boxer earns, though: “A smaller PPV like with Miguel Cotto in, he could walk away with maybe $5 million. A guy who’s developing or a guy who’s had a few losses and is trying to come back, they’re hoping to get somewhere between 20 and 50,000 dollars for a fight. Guys on an undercard, guide on an ESPN FNF co feature, they’re looking at maybe $8000 all the way down to a couple of hundred dollars.”

There’s much more meaty good stuff in there, including your weekly update on Floyd’s Instagram, but you’ll have to actually listen to get to it.