Manny And Floyd: A Podcast

When Manny Pacquiao vs. Floyd Mayweather, Jr. (no surnames required, really) happens on May 2, it may be the biggest sporting event of the year. It’ll certainly be the biggest fight in decades. To me, that seemed like a good enough reason to make Manny and Floyd, a podcast series which will keep you up to date with everything about, well, Manny and Floyd.

Each 10-20 minute episode is going to give you a shot of pre-fight news, mixed with interviews, analysis and madness (it wouldn’t be boxing without it). This week’s episode, Kind Of A Big Deal, takes a look at just how huge this fight is, historically speaking. We’ve got ESPN announcer Brian Campbell on, along with veteran Filipino sports journalist (and Manny appreciator) Ronnie Nathanielsz.

Campbell talks about why he thinks the fight is bigger than any of the megafights of the ’80s and ’90s, and how a victory could lead Mayweather dumping his villainous person.

“I think a victory here could do so much to erase a lot of a lot of the bad will if that he’s picked up over the years for his outside the ring arrests, for the perception that he’s ducking Pacquiao,” he says. “It’s an amazing opportunity for him in many ways.”

Nathanielsz, meanwhile, predicts dire consequences for the Philippines if Manny loses: “If he loses, they will weep for days and I think this country will be underwater because of so many tears from so many millions of Filipinos.”

Campbell and Nathanielsz’s picks for the fight might surprise you, but you’ll have to listen to hear why.

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