Mayweather Vs Pacquiao Is Going To Happen Now, Right…?

There’s talk of a tentative deal Wednesday over the Mayweather vs Pacquiao ticket snafu that has kept anybody from being able to buy one for May 2. Tentative, because, just one side of the Floyd vs Manny debacle is quoted, that I can find.

Pacquiao promoter Top Rank now says, per Kevin Iole, that a contract is ready. You know, the kind of contract you have to sign to actually have a fight. Just Tuesday, there was this from company boss Bob Arum:

“MGM is licensed by the gaming commission,” Arum said. “They can’t do this type of subterfuge and keep their license. If they don’t do anything, the governor will step in and make this fight happen.”

Hey, just a little “we need the governor to save this fight, maybe.”

And what did we actually need? We needed the head of CBS, Les Moonves, according to Iole. You gotta wonder if Moonves is contemplating whether this whole dalliance with boxing is more of a headache than he ever wanted — he just keeps having to step in and make things happen. Basic things, like a fight that should’ve an easy call years ago, or, like, after getting the fight arranged, making sure it doesn’t collapse 10 days beforehand.

Then, this is what we get from all of it: A reported 500 tickets, total, on sale to the general public. Everyone else will be a gouge target through the secondary market, sounds like.

Oh, you boxing you.

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