Riddick Bowe Twitter And Tragicomedy

Former heavyweight champ Riddick Bowe has been getting all kinds of media attention Tuesday for his vow to tweet anything for $20 (although word on the street was that he had done it before). It’s kinda hard to know how to react.

First off, Bowe (and/or his surrogate) is a legitimately quirky Twitter personality, who’s interesting to follow for that reason. To this day, I have absolutely no idea what this tweet is about:

And “Thats whats up. Bowe” is a legit catchphrase, by the way.

But, back to Tuesday’s news. To hear Bowe tell it, he’s just being a champion for the little guy.

And the $20 tweets have led to some pretty funny situations.

But the tragic part is that I’m guessing if he was just trying to be the people’s champ, he’d do it for free. He’s doing it for money. And it’s always sad when former fighters need money — they earned their cash the hard way, nearly as hard a way as you can earn it, and them not having it anymore… ugh.

On the other hand, he’s put out a shit ton of tweets. Which means he’s made a lot of $20 bills this fine Tuesday. Which means a fighter who needs money is getting it. So, uh… Riddick Bowe Twitter $20 comedy sadness = net gain?

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