Running Garcia Vs Peterson Undercard Results

BROOKLYN — There are a handful of “name” fighters on the Danny Garcia vs Lamont Peterson undercard at the Barclays Center, and this post is here to tell you all about how they fared. We’re going in reverse chronological order, so read on and check back, this post will be updated after every fight.


In early undercard results from the Barclay Center, well-regarded former titlist Luis Collazo (36-6, 19 KO), fighting in his home town, faced off against Chris Degollado (12-5, 10 KO). Collazo struck the first blow to viewers’ eyes as he came out of his corner in neon green trimmed, red, gray, black and white camo trunks.

In the 1st round Collazo landed impressively to the body with straight right hands and left hooks. Midway through round 2, the men launched simultaneous hooks, with Collazo’s right haymaker landing first to stun Degollado. Chasing him to the corner, Collazo unloaded a volley of punches that began to fold the Mexican in half, forcing the referee to step in and stop the bout.

The exciting and comprehensive performance spurred the Brooklyn crowd to drown out Collazo’s loud trunks out their cheers. Collazo is now in the hunt for another big fight at welterweight.


Undefeated Prichard Colon, a 154 pound Puerto Rican prospect, took his 13-0 (10 KO) record in to face Daniel Calzada and his less gaudy 11-13-2 record (2 KO). When your opponent sports a record that looks like a date in mid-autumn it’s probably a good indicator that there isn’t much of a threat across the ring.

Superior in every physical category to his foe, the lanky Colon looked eerily similar in body size and style to Julio Cesar Chavez, Jr., but while his sweeping shots had wobbled Calzada by round 2 he seemed to lack the power to dispatch the tough and game journeyman and instead outclassed him over the course of the fight.

The referee stopped the bout in the 9th round with little reason as Calzada did not seem to be in any real trouble, despite having lost every round. Colon improves to 14-0.


Viktor “The Iceman” Postol of Kiev Ukraine (27-0, 11 KO) squared off against Jake Giuriceo (17-3-1, 4 KO) in a welterweight bout with moderate action that was ignored by most patrons as they filed into the Barclays Center.

Postol landed well and caught his undersized opponent often pulling out of the pocket, but the fight rarely ignited into much more than a tepid sparring session. By round 6 the undefeated eight-year veteran had raised a mouse under the eye of Giuriceo.

The bout went to the cards after eight rounds and Postol won a unanimous decision by scores of 79-73 and 80-72 twice.