Stiverne Vs Wilder Results: Leo Santa Cruz Overloads Jesus Ruiz

An ugly mismatch on paper delivered a smidge more competition than expected but with the exact result everyone predicted on Showtime Saturday night, as Leo Santa Cruz halted Jesus Ruiz.

Santa Cruz, a 122-pound volume puncher, had more trouble than he should’ve with Ruiz, who never had done anything of note. Ruiz was just an awful opponent for a top-flight junior featherweight, an untelevisable level of competition. That Ruiz did better than expected by competing with Santa Cruz’s volume for a stretch speaks ill of Santa Cruz more than it speaks well of Ruiz, frankly, and the 7th round stoppage wasn’t even all that convincing.

It’s true that Santa Cruz-Abner Mares would be a nice bout. It also would’ve been better three fights ago each. If that happens, it still is a nice fight. But damn, did we need this or anything Mares has done lately to make us want it? Nah.

Of course, that fight could happen on NBC with Al Haymon’s new deal, rather than on Showtime. Which would mean that Showtime aired this b.s. fight for no advantage to itself. Hooray for boxing! And forget about Santa Cruz trying to take on the division champ Guillermo Rigondeaux, for now. Whatever he says about wanting it, his team doesn’t want it and maybe he knows it.

(picture via @shosports)

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