The Week’s Boxing Schedule (Such As It Is)

So I’m here to inform you about the week’s boxing schedule. Trouble is, there isn’t much of one. So here are a couple of things you could do with the time you would have otherwise spent watching boxing.

1) Spend time with your family and friends.

2) Shower.

3) Watch some classic fights—I’ve been catching up on all the Salvador Sanchez fights I haven’t seen.

4) Start stockpiling beer for Cotto/Canelo.

But since we did promise a schedule, here it is:

  • Danny Green vs Roberto Bolonti, Wednesday, Melbourne. Aussie cruiserweight Green stages a comeback fight against late substitute Bolonti. Next time you want to bitch about how hard it is to be a boxing fan, remember that this is a $50 pay-per-view in Australia.
  • Ivan Morales vs Edgar Jimenez, Friday, ESPN Deportes, Playa Del Carmen. Erik Morales’ little bro Ivan (28-0-, 16 KO) fights Jimenez (19-11-2, 14 KO) at junior bantamweight. Shouldn’t be too tough an ask for the young Tijuana native.
  • Saul Rodriguez vs Ramsey Luna, Saturday, UniMas, Fallon Nev. I wonder if Rodriguez feels bad for being at least the second best active boxer called Saul (after Saul “Canelo” Alvarez, obviously). I’m not sure it’ll matter against junior lightweight Luna, who has lost two on the trot.