Why Mosley/Mayorga Is Better Than Mayweather/Berto In Five (Terrible) Charts

Shane Mosley vs Ricardo Mayorga and Floyd Mayweather vs Andre Berto are nearly upon us. They’re both want your cold hard cash ($50 in for Mosley/Mayorga and $65/$75 in HD for Mayweather/Berto), so how are you going to decide? How does anyone decide anything these days? With (stupid) graphs of course.


It’s hard to argue with the facts. Mayorga/Mosley has had 100 per cent more fake butt slapping brawls than Mayweather/Berto.

Mosley/Mayorga: 1

Mayweather/Berto: 0


The old dudes are just killing it on the fake press conference brawls front here.

Mosley/Mayorga: 2

Mayweather/Berto: 0

Mosley mayorga pie

Mosley/Mayorga has 50 per cent more washed-up social media heroes going on too…

Mosley/Mayorga: 3

Mayweather/Berto: 0

The truth, though, is that both of these fights suck (at least at these prices). Though Mosley/Mayorga at least has the freak show aspect. Still, how’s this for a number:

average age

And finally, a chart that might actually be useful: what the bookies are paying for any of the fighters to get a KO in a given round. This one reveals just how non-competitive these fights are, even if Mosley/Mayorga is slightly tighter (and yes, Mayorga “en dos round” is paying 67 to one).