Antonio Margarito, Miguel Flores And The Rest Of The Week’s Boxing Schedule

Antonio Margarito’s weird eye is about to get hit some more this weekend. There’s not much happening beyond that. (photo via)

  • Antonio Margarito vs Ramon Alvarez, Saturday, beIN Sports, Mexico. The health and safety standards for boxing south of the border aren’t that hot, so Margarito fights for the second time in his comeback down in his home country of Mexico. Although his mangled peeper is disturbing to the point that gallows humor has become most of our coping mechanisms, he was, to be fair, in a pretty entertaining brawl in his first comeback fight against Jorge Paez, Jr. Sticking with the “lesser-talented family member of a more known boxer” theme, Margarito is facing the brother of Canelo Alvarez. The thinking, apparently, is that by beating Ramon he’ll force Canelo to avenge his brethren. This seems unlikely (and Canelo would deliver a fearsome beatdown) but who knows, boxing has done more morbid things. Ramon, for instance, has almost exclusively beaten up over-the-hill journeymen in the past few years, including Vivian Harris and Ben Tackie. Although, in between, he at least worked in a win over another “lesser-talented family member of a more known boxer” in Omar Chavez.
  • Miguel Flores vs Ryan Kielczweski, Friday, ESPN, Verona N.Y. This is what Flores hopes will be his entrance into the featherweight elite. It probably won’t be. Kielczweski is billed as a step up of sorts from the recent experienced names he’s beaten lately, but Kielczweski hasn’t exactly fought a live body. That’s not to say Flores can’t get there eventually, but this won’t be it. It’s unclear what kind of fight we’ll get out of these two. Flores is a brawler by nature who can box some, while Kielczweski is a boxer by nature who can brawl some. Neither of them have much power.

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