Canelo Alvarez Sneaks Middleweight Championship From Daniel Jacobs

It wasn’t easy. But Canelo Alvarez, the middleweight champion, outboxed Daniel Jacobs Saturday night on DAZN and won a unanimous decision to keep his undisputed status.

Your scribe thought it could’ve gone either way but Canelo won ultimately. We had a slick v slick performance and Canelo edged it.

It was so difficult to assess who won. Canelo hit harder more often, which is why he surely got the unanimous decision on 116-112, 115-113 and 1151-113 again on the scorecards, but Jacobs was there all the time.  He might have struggled with weight coming in, too.

DAZN commentators were very Canelo-friendly, although they had plenty of other problems.

Canelo now moves on to a Gennady Golovkin rubber match, although maybe not right away. Jacobs, #2 in the division, will remain in the mix at 160 to give a tough time to nearly anyone.

On the undercard, Vergil Ortiz, Jr. became the first man to KO Mauricio Herrera. The welterweight looked pretty good doing it, too.

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