2020 Boxing Knockout Of The Year Nominees

Welcome to The Queensberry Rules’ annual year-end boxing awards, continuing throughout this week. Here’s how we do it around these parts:

The major categories are Knockout of the Year, Fight of the Year and Fighter of the Year. For each category, we give five finalists, with video and/or relevant info.  On the second day after a category is introduced, we’ll give you the winner and explain why.

Now: Knockout of the Year nominees. On deck: Fight of the Year nominees and Knockout of the Year winner.


Eleider Alvarez vs Michael Seals

Back when humans could watch boxing matches in person, this was as cold as they got. Counter right, good night.

Alexander Povetkin vs Dillian Whyte

This is not the guy expected to score the big KO in this fight. That left uppercut arrived out of nowhere.

Jose Zepeda vs Ivan Baranchyk

Great fight, great knockout, great everything. Watch for this one throughout the week.

Gervonta Davis vs Leo Santa Cruz 

One part of a pair of Halloween nightmares for those rendered unconscious. Left uppercuts, so hot right now.

Naoya Inoue vs Jason Moloney

Second part of the pair: “The Monster” performed appropriately. Even cooler when you see they practiced for it.

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