Cotto Vs. Martinez Undercard Results

(Andy Lee, upright, John Jackson, prone; via) NEW YORK CITY — Keep coming back here for updated undercard results live from Madison Square Garden in advance of the main event between middleweight champion Sergio Martinez and Miguel Cotto on HBO Pay-Per-View. ****** Jose Lopez, the undefeated (12-0) Puerto Rican featherweight, took on tough veteran Raul […]

Martinez And Cotto, Greatness And The Ghost

(Sergio Martinez on the mat against Julio Cesar Chavez, Jr.) In the four years that Sergio Martinez has been the undisputed middleweight champion, who has he beaten that has impressed you? There are six defenses in that span, itself an unimpressive feat. The standout win by boxing’s exalted Argentinian is his one punch rematch knockout […]

Bernard Hopkins Embarrasses, Drops Beibut Shumenov To Continue On His Absurd Way

The peerless Bernard Hopkins, still fighting at age 49, looked to unify two of the light heavyweight belts as he faced Beibut Shumenov of Kazakstan. He did just that, embarrassing his overmatched opponent on the way to an inexplicable split decision. The 1st round slipped away with little action, both men sizing each other up. […]

Bernard Hopkins Vs. Beibut Shumenov Running Undercard Results

WASHINGTON, D.C. — A feisty and energetic 1st round saw Paulie Malignaggi bleeding early and vaseline slung from Shawn Porter’s face. A little wild and frenetic, both men opened up early and found success in an entertaining bout. In round 2 the two welterweights fought on even terms, but the latter’s punches were doing more damage. […]

Bad Milk: Bernard Hopkins Vs. Beibut Shumenov Preview And Prediction

Shortly after Beibut Shumenov was born in Kazakhstan, his aunt made a near fatal mistake and gave the new baby boy bad milk. The toddler turned blue, leaving his poor dad to rush him to the doctor. As Shumenov said recently, he is lucky to be alive after this kiddy calamity. At just about the same […]

A Boy And His Dog: Canelo Alvarez Vs. Alfredo Angulo Preview And Prediction

This past autumn, across the ring, there stood the greatest boxing technician of his generation. An untouchable defensive wizard. A lightning fast sharpshooter. A stylistic nightmare in a dream bout. A fill-your-pockets purse in exchange for a cash-out curse. Floyd Mayweather took the sweetness from Saul “Cinnamon” Alvarez’s carefully prepared confection of a career and […]

This Article Is About You

(Manny Pacquiao arrives at the Venetian Macau; via) When it comes to sports fans, boxing spectators are among the most vociferous and voracious. Part of that are the pitched battles and high stakes in the ring. There’s more on the line than in any other contest. Men have lost their lives. The fear of that […]

Tim Bradley Vs. You

(Juan Manuel Marquez, left; Timothy Bradley, right) You can’t fault Tim Bradley for the way in which he beat Juan Manuel Marquez the other night. It was the blueprint that everyone agreed would work. The big question was whether or not he could stick to it and whether or not Marquez could disrupt it. As […]

Boxing’s Rogue Wave: Danny Garcia Vs. Lucas Matthysse

So continues our marathon coverage of one of the biggest fights of 2013, Floyd Mayweather vs. Canelo Alvarez on Showtime pay-per-view on Sept. 14. Previously: the meaning of Mayweather-Alvarez; a special edition of TQBR Radio; the undercard and week’s schedule, previewed; keys to the fight parts I and II; how good Mayweather-Alvarez could be; a […]

Boxing’s Truth Be Told

There is no other contest that man has devised that so embraces truth; no sport, no game, no trial or competition so revels in the black and white of honesty than that of prizefighting. In boxing the truth is everything. As a man steps into the ring he is only faced with honesty — honesty […]

Andy Lee Kicks The Blues

NEW YORK CITY — Andy Lee stepped into the tiny ring crammed into the B.B. King Blues Club in Time Square — a fitting locale considering the setbacks he has had to face in and out of the ring recently. The Irishman was eager on Wednesday to pull the needle off the blues record that’s […]

Mike Tyson At This Stage

Mike Tyson is a striking figure even at age 46. He no longer looks like the baddest man on the planet. Or the undisputed heavyweight champion of the world. And while he still has a squat, heavy build, aside from his auspicious facial tattoo, he doesn’t even look particularly menacing. But looking beyond the physical […]

Guillermo Rigondeaux Beats Nonito Donaire Resoundingly, If Not Spectacularly

NEW YORK CITY — Radio City Music Hall was brimming with folks who didn’t look like they quite belonged in the hallowed halls of past music legends like Sinatra and Ella Fitzgerald. Men in garish t-shirts and hoodies milled around the art deco palace waiting for a fight to break out. The two stars everyone […]

Nonito Donaire Vs. Guillermo Rigondeaux Undercard Results

NEW YORK CITY — (Jeff Pryor is live at Radio City Music Hall for Nonito Donaire vs. Guillermo Rigondeaux. Here are undercard results Saturday for bouts featuring Glen Tapia, Felix Verdejo and others.) Erik DeLeon improved to 3-0 with a dominating four round decision in his lightweight bout against unheralded Diamond Baier. DeLeon snapped the […]