The Uncomfortable Question About Paul Williams (Alternate Title: The Uncomfortably Asked Question About Paul Williams)

ATLANTIC CITY, N.J. — I knew I’d be posing a somewhat confrontational question at today’s “media roundtable”: “Why isn’t Paul Williams a bigger star?” But then, maybe I also could have approached it better, too. I asked it of Dan Goossen, who, as Williams’ promoter, has it in his job description to make Williams as big […]

Thoughts On Roy Jones, Jr.’s Shocking Loss To Danny Green, Plus Notes On The Bernard Hopkins – Enrique Ornelas Undercard (Hello, Danny Garcia!)

PHILADELPHIA – There’s a decent-sized crowd here in Philly for fight night. It’s about 85 percent black, which I point out because I’m constantly surprised each time I attend a live fight by the degree to which ethnic (in this case) and national allegiances play such a role in selling boxing tickets, even though I […]

At Paul Williams – Sergio Martinez Press Conference, Frenemies Are Made

(That’s some get-up, P-Will. Photo credit: Tim Starks) NEW YORK CITY, N.Y. – It wasn’t exactly courtesy that Paul Williams trainer George Peterson was serving up to Sergio Martinez at the Palm West Wednesday when he asked everyone to give Martinez some applause for taking on Williams, whose face was emblazoned on buttons handed out […]

Roy Jones, Jr – Danny Green Results

Alex McClintock gives us the results from Australia. Click on “read more” for his take. Again, please only leave comments on this entry about Jones-Green until the fight airs in America this evening.   Roy Jones Junior’s career as a serious professional boxer is effectively over tonight after being knocked out in two minutes by […]

Preview Of The Meaty Undercard For Paul Williams – Sergio Martinez

ATLANTIC CITY, N.J. — There are three noteworthy fights on the undercard of the middleweight Paul Williams-Sergio Martinez main event Saturday, although the best of them won’t be on HBO. That’s just for me and the people who decided to come to AC. Nyah-nyah-nyah-nyah-boo-boo. Here’s the rundown: Chris Arreola-Brian Minto. This heavyweight fight is on […]

The Case For Paul Williams

(Photo credit: Howard Schatz) ATLANTIC CITY, N.J. — I don’t go to many fights in person, for a lot of reasons too unimportant to explain just now (mainly: cash, even with a media credential). What that means, though, is that I pick the fights I do go to very carefully. And I’ve picked this fight […]

I Come From A Land Down Under

TQBR’s Senior Australian Correspondent Alex McClintock explains how Roy Jones, Jr.-Danny Green (above big and small, respectively), a fight that looks in America like not much at all, is a whole different animal on the other side of the planet. Just click “read more” for his insightful take. Non-Americanized spellings of words like “criticise” have […]

Video Of, And Notes On, Koki Kameda – Daisuke Naito

After the jump is the (almost) full Koki Kameda-Daisuke Naito flyweight fight (did somebody call it The Japanese Fight of the Century?) from Sunday. I already posted a link to round 12, but rounds 10 and 11 are missing. When portion four of the four-part video is uploaded, I’ll include it. Start giving her a […]

The Scene In Atlantic City (And The Blogging Plan For The Week)

(The view from my hotel room, where I might be the only guest.) ATLANTIC CITY, N.J. — This town, it turns out, is a little dreary during a recession on a winter night when it’s also raining. Charmingly kitschy at its best, the scenery turns from comedic to depressing under less optimal conditions. There’s the […]

Weekend Afterthoughts, Featuring Calls For Investigations Of Ali Funeka-Joan Guzman, What’s Next For Lucian Bute, The Japanese Fight Of The Century (Or So I Say) And More

‘Twas an eventful boxing weekend, no? Surprises galore, controversy, big crowds and a fight so bad (the one above) that it actually became eventful by virtue of its badness. Further rumination awaits after the jump. Next for Lucian Bute. After Bute knocked out Librado Andrade Saturday, early word was that HBO is keen on the […]

In A Night of Surprises, Lucian Bute Knocks Out The Unknockoutable Librado Andrade, Judges Rip Off Ali Funeka By Giving A Draw To Joan Guzman And Martin Honorio Upsets John Molina

Pretty interesting night at the fights Saturday on HBO, with the results of both halves of the double-header leaving me flabbergasted, some for the good reasons and some for the bad. The bad stuff came on the undercard. Judges rendered one of the worst decisions of 2009 by scoring the lightweight fight between Ali Funeka […]

Quick Jabs, Manny Pacquiao – Floyd Mayweather Edition

Yesterday was your Floyd Mayweather/Manny Pacquiao-free edition of Quick Jabs. This is your all- Pacquiao/Mayweather Quick Jabs. Seriously, there’s just so much talk about this fight that I could write a post a day about it. So, this week, and maybe in future weeks, I hit you with the week’s highlights. Formal negotiations began Monday […]

Quick Jabs: Ivan Calderon – Brian Viloria In Talks; Jennifer Lopez Takes To The Boxing Ring; Good Gates For Fights In Canada, Las Vegas; More

There’s so much Manny Pacquiao-Floyd Mayweather news lately I’m making this Quick Jabs a Mayweather-Pacquiao-free zone. Tomorrow, I’ll do a Pacquiao-Mayweather news round-up. That leaves this round-up with the subjects in the headline (including a brief mention of the Pacman); a few nice pieces of boxing journalism to check out; fights in the works for […]