Adrien Broner Eventually Gets Rid of Ashley Theophane

Adrien Broner has had some… let’s say “trouble” in the build-up to his mismatch against Ashley Theophane Friday on Spike. There was the court case he caught for an alleged bowling alley assault and robbery, and then he didn’t bother making the junior welterweight limit. On top of it all he scooped his usual unnecessary […]

Adrien Broner Looks A Little Better Against Khabib Allakhverdiev

If this return performance from Adrien Broner was meant to re-establish that a “focused” Broner could live up to the potential of younger Broner as future pound-for-pound superstar, it didn’t quite get to that. What Saturday night’s win on Showtime might have gotten to is that Broner can be better than he has been — […]