Carl Frampton, Gentleman And Conqueror Of Darren Traynor

Even in the age of social distancing, you can scarcely swing a dead cat without hitting a boxer who doesn’t have a little resentment coming to him. Fighters are hard men with pocked histories. Boxing is known for its boozers, gamblers, junkies, abusers and general dirtbaggery. Self-promotion too often falls somewhere on the spectrum between […]

Mikaela Mayer Wins On Another Covid-19 Marred Card

The pandemic is messing with scheduled cards so much it’s sometimes hard to pick any one “story” to focus on, so this will be the old “empty the notebook” trick: ****** Despite a solid substitute main event (we’ll return to this soon, then again later), it remains unclear whether boxing in the age of the […]

Present: Jamel Herring Defeats Lamont Roach

Not everything has to mean something. A fight can sometimes just be a fight. The meaning it holds can be personal, not universal. And it can be a shared experience that makes it so. Saturday night, a day before the Marine Corps’ 244th birthday, and two days before Veterans Day, at Chukchansi Park in Fresno, […]

Poise And Purpose: Jamel Herring Defeats Masayuki Ito

Because locating the exact point at which homage ends and gratuitous pandering begins, we have boxing. Plot a path starting from “vaguely uncomfortable undertones,“ remove all forms of tact and discretion, and you’ll find yourself just a short DeLorean ride away from “ham-fisted stereotypes, flag-humping nationalism and ‘Cats’-meets-snuff-film aberrancy.” Welcome, freaks! In the past week […]

Denis Shafikov Ruins Jamel Herring = America Main Event

As a set-up for a July 4 weekend card, you could do worse than Olympic Marine Jamel Herring. As a meaningful fight for the 30-year-old lightweight prospect, Denis Shafikov was as hard as you ought to even think about offering him. But if you wanted Herring to win to commemorate AMERICA, it was a bad […]

Jamel Herring, Denis Shafikov And The Rest Of The Week’s Boxing Schedule

A glance at the headline should clue you in about the quality of boxing on American television screens this week; when lightweights Herring and Shafikov are the biggest names you’ve got, things are likely a bit sparse. Denis Shafikov vs. Jamel Herring, Saturday, ESPN, Reading PA. A week after Keith Thurman vs Shawn Porter showed Al […]

Jamel Herring And The Rest Of The Week’s Boxing Schedule

It’s a really dead time for televised boxing right now; the biggest show of the week is a “Premier Boxing Champions” card headlined by lightweight prospect and 2012 Olympian Jamel Herring. That’s really it, more or less. Jamel Herring vs Luis Eduardo Flores, Tuesday, FS1/Fox Deportes, Bethlehem Pa. Herring, 30, is a former marine: expect to […]

Jamel Herring, Robert Easter Throttle Overmatched Foes On Showtime Extreme

Adrien Broner piggybackers Jamel Herring and Robert Easter warmed up the crowd with easy wins on Showtime Extreme Saturday, taking out no-hoper opponents, although at least Herring’s had a record of being in there with big names. Herring won every round against Yakubu Amidu, controlling him with speed and movement and firing pretty much at […]

Tell Pizarro To Wait: Maicelo Earns Clear Win Over Bennett, Rejuvenates His Career

(Jonathan Maicelo, left, Brandon Bennett, right; Joe Tarlecky/King’s Promotions) WASHINGTON, D.C. — The Walter E. Washington Convention Center feels like an unlikely place to hold a boxing card. It’s too clean and new. There is an almost antiseptic aura about the place. You walk in and think, “This is where bankers hold a convention. How the […]