Top 10: Floyd Mayweather’s Biggest Wins

Because past is prologue, it’s worthwhile to revisit it in advance of Floyd Mayweather vs Manny Pacquiao, May 2 on pay-per-view. Here, we examine a list of Floyd Mayweather’s biggest wins, in reverse order from #10 to #1. By biggest here, we mean — the best opposition he defeated, based on that fighter’s form at the time, […]

Mayweather Pacquiao: Not Boxing’s Salvation, Not Last Big Fight Ever [UPDATED]

Let’s just go ahead and get this out of the way. Certain things are going to be said over and over and over again about Mayweather Pacquiao, by a mainstream media that doesn’t, frankly, know jackshit about this sport, and that would rather fall into easy, historically false cliches and stereotypes about boxing. Example: When […]

Answering The Three Biggest Questions About Mayweather Pacquiao

The talk of the boxing world, and the talk of boxing in the non-boxing world, is whether we might finally get Floyd Mayweather vs. Manny Pacquiao. The interest is understandable (if not comical, based on the various inaccurate reports about whether the fight is finalized). For a subset of boxing fans, the subject of Mayweather Pacquiao […]

Q&A With Mike Reed

Junior welterweight prospect Mike Reed just had his first fight away from the East Coast last weekend in Nebraska, appearing on the undercard of a fighter he said he admires, Terence Crawford, and won a close decision. Here he is in a lightly condensed and edited Q&A on what went right in the fight, what […]

The Missing Generation

What if an entire generation of boxers went missing? Imagine a world where the sport’s salivating spectators were left buying tickets to see aging wonders pushing 50 or past their prime dynamos who’s first major wins came a decade before. What if nearly every promising pugilist that began their career between 2000-2005 faltered and fell off […]

Throwback Thursday: Bernard Hopkins Schools Glen Johnson, Stops Him Late

Boxing overflows with victims. With no levee in place, fighters are martyred, managers are taken advantage of, men lose a competition, the winnings are plundered, and the cruel cycle spins forth unabated. A fighter can either develop a monetary exoskeleton, as Floyd Mayweather Jr. has done, or tell the system to climb right on, as […]

Perfection, Ugliness: Mayweather Vs. Maidana Preview And Prediction

Welcome to fight week for Floyd Mayweather, where ugly-spectacle-as-promotional-hype builds up to his sublime perfection in the ring. How low can Mayweather sink, in the department of self-marketing? Low enough to, as a convicted woman beater, to capitalize on the publicity he gets from defending Ray Rice, for instance, this past week. Last time, it […]

TQBR Radio 6/3: Sergio Martinez Vs. Miguel Cotto Preview

Well, well, well. It seems Oscar de la Hoya (above, left; via) and Richard Schaefer have gone from business partners, to tanning teammates, to cash swimming-pool-diving buddy system enthusiasts, to frenemies, and are now splitsville. If we were Oscar, we’d be upset about losing a nice banking and chocolate connection, but that’s just us. This […]

Desperate Times: Floyd Mayweather, Jr. Vs. Marcos Maidana Preview And Prediction

So continues our marathon coverage of one of the biggest bouts of 2014, Floyd Mayweather vs. Marcos Maidana, on May 3 on Showtime Pay-Per-View. Previously: the basics of Mayweather-Maidana; TQBR Radio on Mayweather-Maidana; the undercard, previewed;keys to the fight; a staff roundtable. Next: the Ultimate Guide. In the days before Floyd Mayweather and Marcos Maidana meet at center ring Saturday night, the […]