The Canelo Alvarez vs Amir Khan Undercard, Previewed (And The Rest Of The Week’s Boxing Schedule)

Forget Saul Alvarez. Forget Amir Khan. Usman “Uzzy” Ahmed is in Vegas baby! You might remember Uzzy from such viral videos as BIGGEST BOXING TRAGEDY EVER! He’s there cheering for fellow Brit Khan, who’ll probably feature in a similar video by Sunday morning. I’m not going to bother previewing that fight (Matthew Swain will have it all taken care […]

Fedosov, Dennis, Thompson, Adams Advance On Boxcino

We probably won’t get an authentic borderline contender from the latest editions of the ESPN’s Boxcino tournament format like we did the previous two, but on Friday night we at least got something worth watching in all four bouts, or three, depending on how much you can tolerate grotesquely swollen ears that lead to a […]

Petrov Wins Ragged Decision Over Diaz On Friday Night Fights

It was nothing pretty, but it got the job done for Petr Petrov: The long-sidelined Russian returned to Friday Night Fights, the forum for his rise, to defeat Gamaliel Diaz by a ragged unanimous decision on ESPN2. There was nothing unclear about the victory, no matter how much Diaz (above left) tried to muddy it […]

The Boxing TV Schedule, Featuring Deontay Wilder

Far be it from me to accuse heavyweight Deontay Wilder of having too high an opinion of himself. I’m just going to leave this picture of him driving a car with a picture of himself on the outside (while also singing a song about himself) here and you can draw your own conclusions (thanks to […]

The TQBR Guide To Racial And Regional Stereotypes In Boxing

When Russian lightweight Petr Petrov was interviewed in Spanish on an American English-language TV channel, my head exploded. But once I put it back together, I realised just how global this sport of ours is. It makes sense, then, that we tend to put fighters from different parts of the world into different categories. It […]

Petr Petrov Bashes Fernando Carcamo Something Unmerciful

A delegate of Russia’s lupine assault on boxing of late did his part to maul the competition on ESPN2’s Friday Night Fights, as lightweight Petr Petrov snatched Fernando Carcamo between his teeth after a cautious 1st round and wouldn’t let go until the referee ripped him away. The moment when the referee rescued him, tardily, […]

The Week’s Boxing Schedule, Featuring Adonis Stevenson And The Boxcino Tournament Finals

Another week, another schedule, another picture of animals fighting. But don’t worry, it’s not just animals, there are humans fighting this week too. There are the “Boxcino” tournament finals on ESPN and light heavyweight champ Adonis Stevenson (booo!) is fighting on HBO. There’s also the premier of an HBO “2 Days” documentary about “The Siberian […]

Boxcino semifinal fighters Chris Rudd, Miguel Gonzalez, Fernando Carcamo and Petr Petrov pose with 4 Bears Casino & Lodge General Manager Pat Packineau (middle) at Thursday’s weigh-in; credit: Shane Sims, Banner Promotions

Boxcino 2014: The Lightweights Deliver Again

I love tournaments and the lightweight Boxcino tournament is why I love them. Five weeks ago, we were treated to an excellent opening round, and the semifinals from the Four Bears Casino in Newtown, N. Dakota Friday on ESPN2 were even better. The opening bout between Miguel Gonzalez and Fernando Carcamo produced the most gif-worthy […]