2014 Boxing Round Of The Year Nominees

Welcome to The Queensberry Rules’ annual year-end awards, starting today and continuing into next week. Here’s how we do it around these parts:

The major categories are Knockout of the Year, Round of the Year, Fight of the Year and Fighter of the Year. The final leg, which will finish next week, is a pu-pu platter of awards ranging from Trainer of the Year to more frivolous topics.

For each category, we give five finalists, with video and/or relevant info. You tell us if our finalists and honorable mentions are lacking, and give your vote on who you think should win. Maybe you sway us to adjust the list, and maybe you sway us on the eventual winner. On the second day after a category is introduced, we’ll give that winner and explain why.

So, up now: Round of the Year candidates. Previously: Knockout of the Year candidates. On deck: Knockout of the Year and Round of the Year.

Thomas Williams, Jr.-Cornelius White, Round 1


It was the only round of the fight. They made it (and the referee) count.

Tommy Coyle-Daniel Brizuela, Round 11


Multiple knockdowns of multiple kinds, and a point deduction thrown in for extra drama.

Curtis Stevens-Tureano Johnson Round 4


Sometimes two guys just go toe-to-toe, sans knockdowns, and it’s great.

Terence Crawford-Yuriorkis Gamboa, Round 9


We’d seen Crawford’s skills; we didn’t know the extent of his toughness until this moment.

Juan Manuel Lopez-Francisco Vargas, Round 3

We saw the last of JuanMa in 2014, and typically so: thrillingly reckless.


Rodrigo Guerrero-Daniel Rosas, Round 1

Travis Dickinson vs. Matty Clarkson, Round 5


Juan Manuel Marquez-Mike Alvarado, Round 9

Koki Eto-Ardin Diale, Round 8

Lucas Matthysse-John Molina, Round 10


Orlando Salido-Terdsak Kokietgym, Round 1

Francisco Rodriguez, Jr.-Katsunari Takayama, Round 12


Emanuele Della Rosa-Isaac Real, Round 2

Roberto Castaneda-Jose Lopez, Round 1


Juan Manuel Lopez-Daniel Ponce De Leon, Round 2 (highlights)

David Lemieux -Gabriel Rosado, Round 4 (highlights)

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