Round And Round, Featuring What’s Next For Mayweather, Pacquiao Undercards, Gennady Golovkin, Others

(Dec. 12, Seattle — Jay-Z speaks with an acquaintance before a press conference to introduce new Seattle Mariners second baseman Robinson Cano [not pictured] at Safeco Field. Credit: Joe Nicholson-USA TODAY Sports) That’s not just a picture of Jay-Z for no reason(able doubt).  The Jigga Man’s Roc Nation has rather quickly started making a splash […]

Interviews About What’s Next For Sergio Martinez, Vasyl Lomachenko And Others

This weekend TQBR had a chance to talk to Main Events’ Kathy Duva, fellow promoter Lou DiBella and manager Egis Klimas about their plans for the fighters they represent. In a previous post, they talked about Sergey Kovalev vs. Blake Caparello. Here, they talk about Sergio Martinez, Vasyl Lomachenko, Evgeny Gradovich, a featherweight tournament, Curtis […]

Easiest Hardest: Golovkin Vs. Geale Preview And Prediction

Middleweight’s version of Perun, Gennady Golovkin, faces his best opponent this Saturday on HBO in Daniel Geale, an opponent who has beaten better foes than he has. Such is the mythological might of the man they call GGG that Geale is viewed as a sizable underdog. The longer we go, the more the mythology matches […]

In The Interest Of Establishing Real Boxing Champions, The 2014 List

(June 7, New York City: Miguel Cotto reacts after a TKO against Sergio Martinez in the 10th round of the middleweight championship fight at Madison Square Garden. Credit: Noah K. Murray-USA TODAY Sports) It’s been a few years since we last went through this exercise of looking at the lineal championship (aka real champs, as […]

Quick Jabs: Cotto Vs. Martinez Pay-Per-View Numbers; The Golden Boy Legal Action; More

If you’re looking for a classy place to sign a contract with Al Haymon, one resplendent with gravitas, why not McDonalds? Lightweight Miguel Vazquez making the Haymon move means we can almost surely forget about starting a new championship lineage by fighting Terence Crawford, since Crawford is represented by Top Rank, which despises Haymon. It’s […]

Boxing And Intoxication: A Running Diary For Algieri Vs. Provodnikov

Every once in a while, an idiotic idea takes hold of me and I decide that it is worth pursuing despite the sheer lunacy of what I am going to attempt. It happened again yesterday when I read Alex McClintock’s inspired drinking game designed around HBO’s coverage of Ruslan Provodnikov-Chris Algieri. Despite the mounting evidence […]

Quick Jabs: Bob Arum Trolling; Bernard Hopkins Trolling; Freddie Roach Trolling; More Everybody’s trolling these days. The only appropriate response is to put up a couple knockout videos from recent weekends before discussing it all, so as to give you happy thoughts before delving into the sad business stuff (if you can be happy about knockouts, anyway). The one above is from this past weekend, via […]

The Week’s Boxing Schedule, Featuring Ruslan Provodnikov And TBA

It’s been commented on before, but TBA is some kind of throwback fighter. Not only is he fighting on the undercard of an HBO fight on Saturday (Ruslan Provodnikov vs. Chris Algieri), but he’ll also be in the ring in Manchester… on the same night. It’s impressive stuff that puts the active schedules of fighters […]

Miguel Cotto, Sergio Martinez And The Theatre Of Pain

Boxing is, sometimes, tragedy and triumph all at once. I’m not talking about how unfortunate it is that someone has to lose, or how nice it is that someone gets to win. I’m talking about tragedy, in the dramatic sense of a great figure brought to ruin, and about the exultation that accompanies the kind […]

Martinez And Cotto, Greatness And The Ghost

(Sergio Martinez on the mat against Julio Cesar Chavez, Jr.) In the four years that Sergio Martinez has been the undisputed middleweight champion, who has he beaten that has impressed you? There are six defenses in that span, itself an unimpressive feat. The standout win by boxing’s exalted Argentinian is his one punch rematch knockout […]

Big Fish: Cotto Vs. Martinez Preview And Prediction

First, we talk business. Then, we talk the fight. Sergio Martinez, the 39-year-old middleweight champion of the world, has waited his whole life to fight someone who will give him the kind of payday big-name Miguel Cotto will get him Saturday on HBO Pay-Per-View. Martinez’s 2012 tilt with Julio Cesar Chavez, Jr. was probably somewhat […]

Sergio Martinez Vs. Miguel Cotto Undercard, Previewed (And The Rest Of The Week’s Boxing Schedule)

(photo by official TQBR dodgy Photoshop consultant @georgemclintock) Sorry, facefolded Sergio Martinez can’t be unseen. But it’s a big fight week, so we’ll try and distract you as best we can with a jam-packed schedule. Obviously there’s the big HBO Pay-Per-View between Sergio Martinez and Miguel Cotto for the middleweight championship of the world. Then […]

TQBR Radio 6/3: Sergio Martinez Vs. Miguel Cotto Preview

Well, well, well. It seems Oscar de la Hoya (above, left; via) and Richard Schaefer have gone from business partners, to tanning teammates, to cash swimming-pool-diving buddy system enthusiasts, to frenemies, and are now splitsville. If we were Oscar, we’d be upset about losing a nice banking and chocolate connection, but that’s just us. This […]