Definition Of Legacy: Bernard Hopkins Vs. Sergey Kovalev Preview And Prediction

How’s this for an odd sport: The best thing to happen to boxing in a long time is a 49-year-old man taking on one of the sport’s premier power punchers in his prime. That’s what’s happening Saturday on HBO, when the crusty, mean-spirited old alley cat named Bernard Hopkins steps into the ring with the new blood […]

Fantasy, Reality: Kovalev Vs. Caparello Preview And Prediction

Think about it: It’s 2013, and you’ve just heard that Gennady Golovkin and Sergey Kovalev, chief boxing kaiju and chief deputy boxing kaiju, are fighting on HBO on back-to-back weekends. Your head is probably swimming with possibilities. Golovkin just might be facing off against super middleweight king Andre Ward! Kovalev — is he fighting light […]

Sergey Kovalev, Blake Caparello, Bernard Hopkins, Socks, T-Shirts

(Blake Caparello, left, Sergey Kovalev, right; photo by Tim Starks) NEW YORK CITY — There is more than one way to interpret a t-shirt. Case in point: At a New York City happy hour Saturday for media meant to hype next weekend’s HBO showdown between light heavyweight power punching sensation Sergey Kovalev, Blake Caparello, whose […]

TQBR Radio 4/1: Sergey Kovalev Vs. Cedric Agnew Recap

What exactly do we get when a predatory butcher like Sergey Kovalev is granted a major pay cable network time slot to pulverize a virtually unknown opponent, and have it mean…nothing at all? Well, boxing, that’s what. While Adonis Stevenson’s departure to Showtime and the subsequent implosion of a likely matchup against Kovalev isn’t quite […]

Sergey Kovalev Still Knocking Out Everyone, Including Defense-Minded Cedric Agnew

We’ve gotten used to light heavyweight power puncher Sergey “Krusher” Kovalev krushing everyone in short order, so it was mildly disruptive of the pattern on HBO Saturday that unheralded Cedric Agnew took seven rounds to get krushed. Yet get krushed he did, posing only slightly more difficult target practice than usual. In the sense that […]

The Week’s Boxing Schedule, Featuring Sergey Kovalev, Karim Mayfield And The Boxcino Lightweights

Keeping up with our recent theme of historical headpunching, here’s a picture of “two women boxing” from an unknown year. It’s from Flickr Commons, which, like I’ve previously said, is bloody addictive. This week there’s plenty of the regularkind of non-historical boxing on, with fights in Japan, North Dakota, New Jersey and Mexico. Globalisation is […]